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Tools For Food Allergy Sufferers [Sensors + Apps]

Tech Tools To Help Prevent Allergic Reactions If you suffer from food allergies or shop for anyone who does, you know that it can often be difficult to find "safe" products at the grocery store . Try the Spoon Guru App . Simply scan foods labels and the app will alert you of any concerns based upon your (or your family member's) preset profile. (User must register for an account and create a profile, select allergens of concern and save.) Free. iOS and Android. Do you or does someone you know suffer from a peanut allergy ? A new consumer product called the Nima Peanut Sensor 1 (a handheld device + associated mobile app) might be of help. "Nima is recognized as a leader in allergen research and has been awarded a grant from the National Institute of Health to develop the peanut sensor." This is technology moving the needle in the right direction, a potentially life-saving one. Remember to read the small print at the product website. What about gluten ?

DIY Dog Thunder "Shirt" (Bandage)

DIY Dog Thunder Shirt (Image Attribution Unknown.)
DIY Dog Thunder "Shirt" (Image Attribution unknown.)

Use an elastic bandage --- the length needed will depend upon the size of your dog --- and simply follow the instructions in the image above. (Do not tie too tight! The objective is to apply gentle pressure to specific points on your pet, not restrict breathing.)


  1. I would love to be able to attribute this image (above) to someone. It was shared on a forum without a source listed. Presumably the originator expected the image to be shared/utilized and so, I display it here under the doctrine of Fair Use. However, I like to give credit where it's due. If you own this image (or know who created it) please feel free to leave a comment to this effect. Thank you.

  2. I call it the "Thunder Bandy." Pup has already learned the name and will respond with tail wags when I ask if she'd like to put it on when storms are approaching. Unfortunately, we've had thunderstorms nearly every day this Summer (so far). There has been a deluge of rain.


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